Author Visit With Lisa Ann Scott


Writing, Creativity & Dreaming Big!

How a book gets published, how to tap into
your creativity and how to dream big
for your future!

$250 (k-5 assembly)

Two One-Hour

Writing, Creativity & Dreaming Big!
PLUS Rev up Reading Time!

How does a book get published plus
ways to make reading time more fun by learning
the basics of voice acting (k-1) $375

$375 (k-5 assembly)


Both presentations PLUS a one-hour
workshop with young writers, and lunch
with essay or raffle winners.

$500 (k-5 assembly)

Travel fees: if driving, .54 per mile round trip. For visits over 4 hours away, hotel & airfare may be needed.

Lisa is a former TV news anchor who now works as a
children’s author and voice artist in Batavia, NY.

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Contact Lisa Ann Scott:
or text/call 585-250-5519